Welcome to my blog!

You found me here in WordPress!  You must have some interest in breaking mobile and/or embedded software–that’s why you went looking for info, such as my blog. Right?

Embedded software encompasses the kind of software where one is not really aware you are using software, but it runs much of the world of electronic devices–both large and small.  Mobile software is a close cousin to classic embedded software, since it has may of the “problems” of embedded, but adds features such as a GUI (graphical user interface) screen which can have bugs too. Mobile and embedded devices introduce many new software errors over the classic bugs found in large computers or PC. The kinds of bugs that “reside” in these devices can kill or make the world a better place. I hope to teach people (testers or wannabe testers) how to find the little suckers (bugs) and make the software and thus the devices more reliable or more secure.

To help with this follow the links to page which talks about my book.  Also we will have links to class and events which I’ll be at (see about Jon Hagar link). As time goes on we’ll offer online classes, both mine and other sources. We want interested parties to learn about testing mobile and embedded.  Enjoy.

OK, so let me know your thoughts and needs regarding breaking mobile and embedded software.  Drop me an email.  I’ll post the most interesting or challenging contexts here. This site has been quite for a while, but with books and classes coming available in 2013 and beyond, I’ll be having interesting blogs.  So check back often.