Book went to press Aug 16

Our books is being printed. Now all that is left is to get it on the shelf in early Oct. We will be talking and writing about it plus we need to get the web site for it up. When the site is ready (in work now), I’ll blog about that. The world of mobile and embedded changes quickly so the web site will contain the latest and greatest.


A busy few months coming up

Well, I have all the charts done (I hope) for the upcoming conferences over the next few months.  Here is where I’ll be (you should be able to find more info on these with a web search)

CAST 2013 Aug 24 to 28 (Mobile and embedded testing tutorial)

SOFTec Asia 2013 Sept 2 to 5 (ISO29119, taxonomies, and exploratory testing)

XBOsoft Webinar Sept 26 (Mobile and embedded testing)

STARwest 2013 Sept 30 to oct 3 (Embedded and ISO29119)

IEEE Webinar Oct 7 (ISO29119 intro)

Software testing (embedded) conference in Bilbo Spain Oct 29-31 (Mobile and embedded Tutorial)

ISO 29119 WG26 meeting Nov 11 to 15 in Scotland

Gees, Seems I might be a little busy.  Also there will be an article in IEEE software and Crosstalk next year (more on these later).  Here is a reminder: Software test attacks to break mobile and embedded device release date: 9/26.

I hope to see people at these events.

External Blog Posting at xbosoft and thoughts on passion

So I did an interview about the upcoming book and the topic of mobile-embedded testing.  At is a nice basic intro to the topic kind of postings.    You can check it out at

We are working on several webinars, the web site (too long of a process), and conferences.  I am semi-retired and as my retired friends warned me, I am still too busy just like I was when I worked full time, but I am doing things I enjoy and have passion about.

Passion is necessary for all testers.  You really need to have this to allow you to focus on learning, practice, trying new things, and providing value added information to your stakeholders. If you are not passionate, you may be need to think about changing things.  Life is to short to “just work a job”.  Testing is a job, but it can be interesting and even for type “E” people exciting.  It just takes some work and risk taking (what new technique have you tried today?).