Next level testing?

So we were at Softec Asia (software testing) last week. It is a regional conference but there seemed to be a lot of interest in software testing. The interest started at “how do I get started”, but interestingly there was also interest in “getting testing to the next level”. I think the certifications may be a start for some testers, but to be a good tester and working at higher levels, much more is needed. So the questions would be: 1) what skills are needed to become a good; 2) how does a tester work on developing these; 3) does a tester need skills outside of “traditional” test training; and 4) what are the resources to help?

I think I know the answer to item 3. I have always felt a tester needs many skills other than testing, e.g. system and software engineering, hardware experience, soft science skills, science skills, and even management. I have spent 55 years of training and effort to learn these (starting in pre-school).
The answers to the other question are not clear to me. The industry may have some of these in work. We see standards, groups like AST and ISTQB, training companies, traditional college, and OJT. Of these OJT may be best, but it seems like we need more. Further what we have, e.g. standards, books of knowledge, training, and certification, have not stood the test of usage and time.
So anyone working in testing, using books, following standards, getting training and/or seeking certification should view each of these with a scientific eye (scientific method). Evolution and survival of the fit will take place.


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