Context Skills

A few weeks ago I attended a meeting where we started work on defining the skills of a context driven tester. There will be some interesting tester skills listed next year when the skills list is made available via AST (hopefully).
But I got wondering, given ISTQB, IEEE, and other list of skill and knowledge in software and testing, how much are they different or the same?
If they are 90% the same, should a tester focus on the common parts or should we focus on differences?

Also, is it the 10%  that makes a person a context driven tester with skill or some other percentage?
I don’t know.

It might be the view point that make a school of testing and not the 10%. I bounce in an out of various conferences and “schools” of testing. Each has a view point which at times I like (or not). I guess that makes me a context school person.
So look forward to the context tester skill list next year. It will be interesting to compare and advance the field of software testing.