Prius software Bug shows a shift at Toyota


Toyota seems ready for a change in PR and engineering. Great.

I have also heard Toyota hired or “added” 1300 (or more) quality engineers to help improve. Good move (maybe). They recognize an issues exists and are trying to change.

So let’s throw bodies at it. However, do those people know quality, testing, verification, validation, engineering, or standards? I don’t know. Do they know software, systems, and bugs?

I spent years learning about bugs and testing. I wrote a book and many articles. BUT I am still learning about mobile and embedded bugs.

I hope some of the 1000s of new engineers take some time to learn, build skills, and think.


Better Software Magazine Aritcle

For those working in mobile apps and security (and everyone doing apps and mobile software should be worried about security), besides my book, Better Software Magazine just published an article of mine as the cover piece. See

Click to access V16I2.pdf

I am also looking to do some presentations on this subject as I continue my own personal research and learning on security. It is a never ending quest. I as learn more I’ll do postings on the blog here and if anyone has other good info on mobile app security testing, I am always looking for pointers. The bad guys are moving fast and we testers need to try to keep up or there will be more posting and news stories like I report here.

Again, ask yourself, do you want your app/software/company on the nightly news for security bugs? I THINK NOT

Hacking cars remotely – new example

Hacking continues in the mobile embedded world. See

Now one can wonder about the “reality” and importance of this hack, but it shows a continuing trend. As I collect information like this, the mobile/embedded security attacks of my book continue to seem important even as they need to evolve to address the new threats.

As cars and devices grow “smarter” this type of situation will continue to grow, and yet I most mobile/embedded testers seem to focus on verification of requirements. They are happy in the ignorance. Here is another data point to add to your “smarts”.