Security bugs, Hacking and Cyber Test Warriors

So I wrote this and got it published a month ago.

I was hoping for some responses from testers wanting to become security test warriors. I know there are a few and it is a specialization, but no comments?? Disappointing.

Are we as testers being left behind by the hacker bad guys? It seems like companies care (some more than others) and care more when they get hacked (see Target and how money they are spending on chip card readers). So, the IT/PC/Web community are being active (to some degree)

Mobile and embedded seem to be less concerned. Maybe M&S are just trying to get a product out, and we’ll care as we get hacked more (something about closing the barn door after the horse are gone?).  I have written and presented on M&S security before, but where are my warriors (I’m to old to be warrior).


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