Silos and IoT testing

I have been writing and thinking about the “silo effect” as applied to testing. Silos are where the “circle of influence” one travels or works in, impacts your thinking. For example, if you only think about testing and talk to other testers, then you may miss important ideas from development, operations, management, etc. Silos in part caused the housing crash of 2008, because many people did not see the risk in sub-prime loans.
For testers, we need to fight being stuck in a silo by knowing things such as: testing, development, support engineering, users, management, and many many others.
For IoT it will be worse, as IoT software testers will need to “expand” into hardware development, hardware testing, big data analytics, ops, and yet more areas. Learning and being skilled in many areas for IoT will be necessary and take a lot of effort. How fun.


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