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So it seems like we in the information society have constant information overload.  For years I have resisted some of this, but with the book coming out and me going into “retirement” (meaning I teach and consult on my own terms, so not “real” sitting on the beach retirement), I guess I will start being part of the overload.  I post. I blog.  I write.  I teach.  And in general contribute to the info sphere.  I hope it will be of value (a few well chose words are worth a million of nothing verbs).   I will grow slow.


My Book! Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices

Just wanted to let the world know that my book is about to go to press.  I am working with the final page proofs as of this writing. This book is a culmination of my 30+ years testing  experience working with mobile and embedded systems. I invite all testers or those who wish to enter the software/mobile/embedded testing field to take a look at my book and, hopefully, learn something new.

CRC/Chapman Hill is taking pre-press orders…Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices.